Hip & Barrel Structures



Hip & Barrel Structures


Hip structures are a economical way to cover play equipment in parks and playgrounds. This is due to the ridge beam being the highest point. Hip structures have a steel frame. With posts, rafters and the ridge beam all being CHS steel which is constructed and then covered with a shade canopy. These structures are commonly found in learning institutions, childcare facilities and over play equipment in council parks where plenty of height is the requirement.



Barrel vault structures  can be either free standing or connected to an existing wall or roof. Coupled with a P.V.C or Colorbond roof can ensure total protection in all weather conditions. These structures can be constructed from CHS or SHS profiles and widths can  generally be up to 13m. They structures are totally customisable from clearance heights through to width and lengths enabling full use of areas all year round.


Coverage options can range from shade fabric, P.V.C or steel.



All dnp structures will have site specific engineering.




First impressions are the most lasting.


Creating not only usable all year-round spaces but designing these areas to be aesthetically laid out. We will ensure the best return on your investment.


Not only to those that directly benefit from their use, but stakeholders who will see the value in the new assets.




What about maintenance?


Depending on the type of structure and covering there is very little maintenance, most roof coverings will be automatically  cleaned by the rain. Other areas can simply be hosed down every six months.


We recommend having your investment inspected yearly to keep it in top condition.




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