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DNP Group can design, manufacture and install commercial shade sails to suit any application. We use the latest software and imagery applications to ensure you are getting shade where its needed when it's needed.


As we deal with commercial clients our products chosen for fabrication and installation are of the highest quality on the market, we can offer up to a fifteen-year warranty on our sails.


By creating an aesthetically pleasing design along with a well-executed shade analysis design we will increase the use and life span of your infrastructure and assets. More importantly you will be protecting the end users from exposure to harmful ultra violet rays.


We can also design shading to reduce your rising energy costs, by shading your cooling towers you can significantly reduce their running cost. Shades to glazing will not only reduce air conditioning and maintenance cost but can be visually appealing.





First impressions are the most lasting.


Creating not only usable all year-round spaces but designing these areas to be aesthetically laid out. We will ensure the best return on your investment.


Not only to those that directly benefit from their use, but stakeholders who will see the value in the new assets.




What about maintenance?


Depending on the type of structure and covering there is very little maintenance, most roof coverings will be automatically  cleaned by the rain. Other areas can simply be hosed down every six months.


We recommend having your investment inspected yearly to keep it in top condition.




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